Published - 2017

In-house quality assurance: For quick answers and good service

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Here at Triscan quality has priority. Therefore, producers are visited regularly and spot checking is carried out on products when they arrive at our central warehouse. Furthermore, we carry out extensive tests internally, both on our own and the products of our competitors. Two recent examples have once again proven why in-house testing is important and why it is so important to expand in this area. 

There are several reasons to why we believe it is important to be able to facilitate in-house testing. First, it allows us to test new products from potential new manufacturers quickly. Secondly, we can complete complaint cases very quickly. Lastly, it allows us to test the products of competitors. Recently, our product team manager Asger Thybo Geertsen made a surprising discovery during a competitor test of the c.v. boot of an established and recognized premium brand.

Inhouse testing of ABS sensors, crankshaft and camshaft sensors.  

Triscans new salt spray chamber - for accelerated lifetime testing of corrosion protection

A handbrake cable is prepared for a test of corrosion protection

Before conducting the comparative test, we acquired five randomly selected references from one of our competitors. During the visual inspection that we performed, and to our great surprise, we found that one of the five references already showed clear signs of cracks in the rubber. After an accelerated aging test in our ozone chamber, all five references showed clear signs of cracking. These very negative test results were very unexpected for us. "The rubber composition is extremely critical, and changes in just one parameter can have fatal consequences," says product chief Asger Thybo Geertsen, adding, "The same thing can happen with incorrect storage and handling of the various materials contained in the rubber composition.

I remember another example where a customer tells us he can buy brake hoses from a premium brand at our purchase price. Since I was convinced that brake hoses in premium quality cannot be produced at such prices, we decided to test the said products ourselves. After a first in-house test gave reason to doubt the authenticity of the hose, we sent test samples of the brake hose to the Technological Institute in Aarhus for further tests. The hose in question was provided with a proper well-known brand name, as well as the J1401 quality seal of SAE International. However, it turned out that it was a counterfeit hose that did not meet the specified quality standards in any way. Especially with a safety product like this the consequences can be fatal”.

Careful selection and control of suppliers
To ensure that we deliver a consistent, high quality standard, suppliers must be carefully selected. Therefore, visiting potential as well as existing cooperation partners is an important part of our work. Before we start a new cooperation, we visit the potential supplier in their production facility. There, we get an idea of ​​how the products are made and clarify important questions - such as why the production process looks the way it does, what kind of tests are conducted during the production process, and how the gathered information is utilized. I like to talk about all the details of the process, as a tech nerd I enjoy doing that, "concludes Asger Thybo Geertsen with a smile.

Sensor tester and a salt spray chamber are the latest testing equipment at Triscan  
Currently, the following machines are available in our internal "Triscan Test Center":

• Tensile testing machine: For testing of brake hoses, cables, gas springs, hose clamps, etc.

• Ozon Climate Chamber: For accelerated aging testing all types of rubber.

• Brake Discs run-out: Checks parallelism and flatness of brake discs.

• ABS Camshaft and Crankshaft Position Sensors Tester

• Thermostat tester

• Salt spray chamber: For accelerated aging tests / simulation of environmental conditions

We have good experiences with our internal testing facilities. Therefore, we will continue to expand our competencies in this area and further investments are already planned. Just recently, we have added a salt spray chamber, to our Triscan test center. With the salt spray chamber, we can perform accelerated lifetime testing of corrosion protection.