In order to mitigate these effects Triscan has chosen to take several measures, including using government aid packages to temporarily send several colleagues on paid leave of absence.

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Who are you?

The auto industry is changing: The future scenario for spare part wholesalers

In the series of articles under the theme "The auto industry is changing rapidly" we have reached the second to last article. We give our bid on how the future will look like for spare part wholesalers in the automotive aftermarket.

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Investments of benefit to the environment and the operating budget

Coil springs: Astonishing results in coil spring tests

Tesla: Triscan first on the free aftermarket with cv joints and boot kits

We have continuously informed which parts we stock for Tesla - and now even more have been added. As the first on the free aftermarket, we now offer cv joints and boot kits. With the latest product releases, we have more than 40 parts primarily for the S and X models. 

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New inspiration for the job of activating the unemployed

The car industry is changing rapidly: the future scenario for car manufacturers and dealers

Market development: half-year status by Triscan CEO Michael Juul Hansen

We are more than halfway into 2019 and the automotive industries media are full of news about changed market conditions and new technology that already, but especially in the long term, announces major changes for the players in the industry. But this development also opens new opportunities for Triscan. We are experiencing increasing interest in our strong competences in the complex/niche oriented product groups, where all wholesalers large and small, can achieve great benefits in a conceptual collaboration with us.

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The car industry is changing rapidly – are you keeping up?

Can earnings in your company be improved - and by how much?


Concurrently with Danish, Swedish and Norwegian workshops utilization of our system for efficient workshop operation and customer management, a lot of new features have been added - and more are on the way. Here you can read about the most important additions that, for many, really arise from users' own desires in terms of functionality and suggestions for improvements.

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Additional 84 parts for electric, hybrid and hydrogen cars

Once again we have news regarding parts for cars with alternative driveline. At Triscan you can now get parts within undercarriage and engine control for models from Chevrolet, Citroën, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Opel, Peugeot, Toyota and VW.

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Network meeting on BREXIT with contribution by MEP Morten Løkkegaard (V)

Reinforced steering parts – a good idea?

Several of the steering parts suppliers on the independent aftermarket have gradually built up a programme of reinforced steering parts. These alternatives are developed when it turns out that the lifetime of the original design does not meet expectations. At first glance, this sounds like good idea, but is it that simple - and what are our thoughts on this subject?

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3D printing of spare parts! What does Triscan do?

The media has continuously been reporting about 3D printing applications in various sectors for a long time. At Triscan we are following this trend closely. However, we're not just standing on the side line looking in - we do more than that. In this article, you'll get an insight into our thoughts and actions concerning this topic as well as the technologies behind the much-discussed 3D printing.

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New test center put into use

This is how we ensure a high order fill

Triscan helps wholesalers develop car repair shop managements systems! Why is that?

The struggle for market share of the automotive aftermarket intensifies. Price, quality and delivery speed are very important parameters, but the ability to offer smart digital solutions - including car repair shop management systems, is getting more and more important. In collaboration with several wholesalers and an international network of experienced professionals with practical experience in the development of car repair shop management systems, we have developed a platform, which has internally been giving the name - TriSys. With this initiative, we, together with wholesalers and their car repair shop customers, want to secure market shares for the free aftermarket, which in more areas is under increasing pressure.

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Development and investment in Triscan's gas spring production

Triscan has been the co-owner of a gas spring factory in Latvia for more than 6 years. Both sales and the number of employees has increased steadily over the years, and the introduction of new production technologies as well as the development of a new type of gas spring make us look forward to the future. Read more about these new initiatives here.

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40% expansion of the central warehouse capacity

More stringent quality requirements from automotive manufacturers – Triscan joins in

With great pleasure…

Starting in a new job at a new company is always accompanied by many expectations and ideas about the corporate culture that one will be part of in the future, as well as new colleagues and customers. It was no different for me on the 1st of May, when I got to take a seat in the "director’s chair" at Triscan. As the replacement of John Iversen, who was the driving force behind Triscan's great development for many years, I have some very large shoes to fill. I approach this task with great joy, but also with humility. 

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The fight for free data access and free competition

Connected cars and extended vehicle service are key concepts in the latest technological developments in the automotive industry. The technology that leads to increased digitalization is based on data collection in real time and it is no longer uncommon for a modern car to generate 5 GB of data per hour.

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Triscan protects the environment through joint ownership of PartsLife

PartsLife GmbH helps companies in Germany work more environmentally and safely. Since 2012, Triscan and PartsLife have worked together in a partnership.

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