In collaboration with several wholesalers and an international network of experienced professionals with practical experience in developing systems for workshop operations, we have developed the platform for a workshop system which has been internally named TRISYS. With this initiative, we, together with the wholesalers and their workshop customers, want to secure market shares for the free aftermarket, which is under increasing pressure in several areas. This must be done by adding valuable services that create loyalty and profitability throughout the value chain. The goal is to create business for all parties by linking car owners closer to the workshop, the workshop closer to the wholesaler and the wholesaler closer to Triscan.

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We are improving our order fill rate significantly!

During the next two months, we will increase the stock of our three warehouses significantly - in…

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Corporate news

It's time to go from ”Stand by” to ”Drive” mode

The media is flooded worldwide with gloomy news about the consequences of COVID-19 - the human,…

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Tech news

FORD: Rep. kit for the connection between EGR-valve and cooler

A not entirely uncommon problem on many of the FORD models with 1.8 TDCi engines - produced in the…

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