Companies in the industrial sector can benefit from our product program in hose clamps, which are available for a wide range of purposes. 

Most of Triscan’s hose clamps are sold in Denmark and on a dozen of European export markets and are all produced by Tridon United States, the world's largest manufacturer of hose clamps.

Tridon United States supplies both the automotive industry, aircraft manufacturers, offshore sector, aerospace (NASA) and even more demanding industrial customers. In a lower atmospheric layer, you will also see the clamps in use in several wind turbines which supply electricity to many companies and households around the world. Tridon clamps are also mounted on the Danish-designed hybridcar, Fisker Karma from Fisker Automotive. 

Triscan offers a wide range of clamps in many different sizes and with many different locking mechanisms. For example, LAS-clamps with "quick-release" which, because of its ribbon diameter of up to 500 mm, are used to mount large filter bags on extraction systems and on other places, where the clamp must be able to quickly attach and detach.

Furthermore Triscan’s range include stainless and acid resistant hose clamps, which are sold to manufacturers of machinery in the food and chemical industries.

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Triscan products has gained NATO approval and we have several country defence systems on our customer lists. These Industrial customers typically order clamps in larger quantities, which comes in bulk packages of 500 or 1,000 units.

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