Published - 2023

NEW: Program in Triscan brake calipers without deposit

For the older and high-frequency part of the fleet, we are now, at the request of many of our customers, introducing a program of more than 300 references in Triscan brake calipers without a deposit. The calibers are all manufactured in OE quality, and should allow wholesalers and workshops to offer an alternative to the more expensive premium brands when it is in demand.

Following the same model as our Triscan shock absorber program, we are now introducing a range of brake calipers. Just as we continue to offer Monroe shock absorbers for shock absorbers, we also continue to offer Budweg brake calipers for brake calipers.

Triscan 817529202 brake caliper









Triscan 817529202 (VAG)

Brake calipers are a safety component and, among other things, have a major impact on a vehicle's braking distance. It is therefore also very important that brake calipers work as intended. The replacement of brake calipers - especially for owners of older cars - can be quite a costly affair if the workshop chooses to offer brake calipers from premium brands.

Triscan 817529203 brake caliper










Triscan 817529203 (VAG)

With our new range of Triscan brake calipers - which are targeted at the popular models in the older part of the fleet - the workshops will have the opportunity to offer an alternative to the expensive premium brands. And this, mind you, without compromising on quality. Our production of brake calipers is subject to the automotive industry's strict quality standard IATF 16949 - and are all functionally tested as part of the final inspection before they leave the factory. We have invested in two complete test lines in connection with the selection of the right manufacturers, one of which will eventually be moved to our in-house test center in Denmark. In our video you can see the test equipment and gain insight into our test methods and requirements