Published - 2018

On-site quality control - also in Asia

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Maybe you already know that our product managers visit our manufacturers during the selection and review process? You may also know that our product managers perform regular audits of our manufacturers and we carry out spot checks on incoming goods in our warehouses? But did you also know that we carry out a quality control on site - even if "on site" is far away from home?  

The pursuit of more and more business can leave even super brands lagging behind in terms of quality control. With a strong brand name, it can be tempting to expand the product range, even if it means entering areas beyond one’s core business and expertise. Sometimes this works out just fine, during testing in our Triscan test center we have, however, come across examples of how wrong such things can go. 

The super brands of our industry can get away with a lot – consider how big manufacturers for example can continuously sell poorly designed parts that cause garages and car owners headaches. But for Triscan, that's a different story. For this reason, we have always taken quality assurance very seriously, which is reflected in our very low average complaint rate.

James Zhao and Asger Thybo Geertsen on inspection

To be able to deliver spare parts at competitive prices, our products are manufactured in various parts of the world. The further away from home production takes place - the more quality assurance initiatives we carry out. In the Far East we have been collaborating closely with an engineering firm for more than eight years. In this firm we have four full-time employees that focus solely on Triscan and carry out on-site quality control at our manufacturers. This partnership, which works satisfactorily for both sides, will in the future be continued by Triscan Asia Ltd., which is under construction.

"In order to ensure high and consistent quality, we implement on-site quality controls that are focused on critical parameters," said Asger Thybo Geertsen, product manager at Triscan and continues, "Compared to the vast majority of our competitors, we show visibility at our distant producers, that way we're not just a customer in Europe for our producers, we're asking critical questions and have specific requirements for the production processes and quality control". 

On-site quality control is a high priority for us. These processes prevent faulty products from even entering the warehouses of our customers or, even worse, the workshop.   

Each Triscan sensor undergoes a 100% quality control

During the production of our sensors continuous quality controls are carried out. The process ends with a 100% functional test of each sensor. We ensure that the Hall effect chips used, for example, in our ABS, crankshaft and camshaft sensors are identical to those of the originals. By X-ray photography of the original sample, the article number and the brand on the chip can be determined. In addition, our on-site quality control includes inspection of dimensions, connections, cable length, material quality and any requirements for antistatic packaging.