Extension of the electric gas spring progamme and test equipment

Our extensive range of gas springs is now the only one in the aftermarket equipped with electric gas springs at retrofit prices. We currently offer 14 references, but more are on the way. At the same time, in connection with the expansion of our test center, we have extended our possibilities to test gas springs. Here's an overview of the new gas springs and our in-house testing capabilities.
The use of electric gas springs is still the most prevalent in the luxury segment of the fleet, though it can be gradually adopted as an option in several mid-range vehicles. For example, we will soon be able to supply electric gas springs for the Audi Q3 and the BMW X3. So far, the program includes electric gas springs for: 
 8710 11301 BMW X6
 8710 11302 BMW X6
 8710 11303 BMW X5
 8710 11304 BMW X5
 8710 17301 Range Rover Evoque
 8710 17302 Land Rover Discovery Sport
 8710 17303 Range Rover IV
 8710 17304 Range Rover Sport
 8710 17305 Range Rover Sport
 8710 20301 Porsche Cayenne
 8710 20302 Porsche Panamera
 8710 27301 Volvo XC60
 8710 27302 Volvo XC60
  8710 29301 VW Touareg
8710 11303
Although one usually uses the term gas spring and the electrical version of the appearance often resembles a gas spring, the technique is quite different. The gas spring cylinder is not filled with gas but an ordinary mechanical spring and a spindle driven by an electric motor.

In-house testing facilities
Our in-house testing facilities have been expanded with a durability tester, which allows us to run cyclical tests over several days with different loads. In addition to this option, we can test durability with our tensile and pressure tester as well as the salt spray chamber for corrosion.
Electric gas spring durability tester
TCA exposed to corrosion testingSalt spray chamber - control panel


Gas spring tensile and pressure tester