Published - 2023

Avoid engine breakdown: PSA 1.2 PureTech vTi/THP engines

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Like certain other engine models where the timing belt runs in oil, the widely used 1.2 PureTech vTi/THP engine causes problems for garages and car owners.

A timing belt that is too fragile from the start, combined with

  • ingress of fuel into engine oil via the injectors;
  • use of variable quality engine oil;
  • non-compliance with service intervals;

has led to many engine breakdowns.

PSA is aware of the problem and has subsequently developed a timing belt that is much more resistant to fuel and engine oil. The originally recommended timing belt change interval, which was 240,000 km, was therefore changed to 70,000 km. Only with the use of the improved timing belt and compliance with the otherwise prescribed service intervals will the original service interval of 240,000 km apply again. But how do you as a workshop find out whether a customer's car is at risk of engine failure – i.e. still running with the old type of belt and/or perhaps already heavily damaged by engine oil or fuel? 

The solution is quite simple. PSA has developed a timing belt checking tool gauge – G-0109-6 – with which you can quickly and efficiently check the condition of the timing belt via the oil filling hole. The timing belt control tool is also part of  AST tool kit – AST5255to be used when replacing the timing belt.


G-0109-6 timing belt tool PSA
PSA tool G-0109-6

Timing belt tool kit AST 5255
AST tool kit – AST5255

G-0109-6 timing belt tool in use PSA
The timing belt checking tool gauge is guided down towards the timing belt through the oil filling hole                                       

G-0109-6 timing belt check PSA
As long as the width of the timing belt does not exceed the width of the timing belt checking tool gauge, the timing belt condition is OK

In Triscan's timing belt set, both the timing belt and the included belt tensioner are of the latest type.  


Original OE No.

New OE-nr.


Timing belt



8647 10098

Belt tensioner



8647 10098


IMPORTANT: If rubber residues are found in the oil strainer during an oil change, the oil pump may be damaged by a lack of oil supply causing cavitation and should be replaced, and the VVT solenoids should be checked and replaced if necessary. Also check the banjo bolt for the oil supply hose on models with a turbocharger.


Car models using 1.2 PureTech vTi / THP engine


1.2 GDI PureTech
Berlingo IV
C3 Aircross
C4 Cactus
C4 Space Tourer/Grand Space Tourer
C5 Aircross


1.2 GDI PureTech
Partner IV


1.2 Turbo
Combo-E (X19)(18-)
Combo-E Life (X19)(18-)
Crossland X (P17)(17-)
Grandland X (A18)(17-)