Published - 2021

TOYOTA: 3 EGR-valves are often mistakenly consolidated to 1

Tech news

A widespread catalog data error on EGR valves for Toyota, often leads to cause worry in the workshop - and complaints. The error is due to the fact that three seemingly identical EGR valves are consolidated into just one item number, even though in reality they are different. 

All three valves can be mounted on a wide range of models, because both the external, physical dimensions and the plug connection used are the same. If an incorrect EGR-valve is fitted, you may not always realize it right away in the workshop – but unfortunately only after the car owner has been driving the car for a while, and the engine error warning light is lid. The error codes registered in the ECU are typically P0400/P0401/P0402, which indicate errors in the flow of the EGR-valve.

The cause of the error code relates to either the valve diameter or the control of the EGR-valve in question. A check of the diameter of the valve is relatively easy to perform, whereas for a workshop it is typically not possible to check the control. As can be seen from the table below, you may have got an EGR-valve with the right diameter, but the wrong control.

valve diameter EN


881313100 881313101 881313102 
As can be seen from the pictures, there is no immediate difference when looking at the three editions

The following table shows which EGR-valve is the right one to mount on the affected car models/engine types (See pdf here).