The road to the most comprehensive sensor programme of the aftermarket

A lot has happened since the introduction of Triscan's sensor programme. What started in 2015 as a new initiative has now evolved into Triscan's second largest product group. But we are far from done. In the following paragraphs we look at the development of the sensor programme as well as the current status in regard to coverage, whereafter we will also take a look at the future development.

Beginning and philosophy
After the launch in 2015, ABS sensors, wear indicators and oxygen sensors were the first members of our sensor family. Then special attention was paid to sensors for engine control - this category is today covered with a total of eight product groups. With the latest expansion, we introduced the next category within the sensor program. You can read more about this and about future expansions at the end of this article. A large part of the Triscan philosophy is to make it easy for our customers to buy even rare parts. Therefore, we are dependent on continuous extensions within the individual sensor types and a carefully considered extension of our complete sensor programme.

As always, quality is paramount in the development of our sensor programme. Triscan sensors are not only subject to a 100% functionality test during production, but also spot checking prior to storage. Our internal Triscan Test Center provides all the necessary equipment for testing which of course also is used in our handling of claims.

The road to the widest sensor programme in the European aftermarket
Our goal is always to offer the widest coverage on the free aftermarket. The sensor programme is of course no exception. With more than 4,500 sensors, for engine management and the braking system, Triscan can in most cases fully service its customers as the sole supplier. This connects our sensor program with many of our other product groups, such as cables, steering parts and brake hoses, where we offer the widest coverage in Europe.

See a few examples of how Triscan's programme coverage is relative to its closest competitors below:

Triscan’s market coverage of air flow meters relative to the closest competitors


Triscan’s market coverage of crankshaft sensors relative to the closest competitors

Parking sensors and future prospects
Since the introduction of Triscan's sensor programme, much has been done. We have gone from 0 to almost 100 in just 3 years, and now we have taken the next step. In October of this year a completely new product group was introduced, namely parking sensors. This extends the Triscan sensor programme, which until now has only provided sensors for the engine and brake system, to include the body. The introduction and expansion of a new product group is not a one-day project, but a process. With more than 70 references and a coverage of about 70%, the parking sensor programme have come well from the start. But the process continues, and soon you will find an even better performance in terms of coverage. In the near future you will also be able to get a range of manifold absolute pressure (MAP) and differential pressure sensors for the exhaust system from Triscan.