In-house test equipment for EGR valves

To ensure a high level of service and quality, we continuously expand our in-house test facilities. Our latest acquisition is an EGR valve tester. In the following  paragraphs we will explain why in-house testing equipment has high priority for us and how the EGR valve-tester works.

Our in-house testing equipment is beneficial to us in several ways. It is of great help selecting manufacturers, developing new products, performing sample checks and processing claims. "During the development process, it is of great advantage, that we are able to carry out our own tests. we also use our facilities for comparative testing to ensure that the quality of our products matches OES-parts.  Furthermore, we use it to provide our customers quick and accurate feedback when handling complaints, which is a priority to us" says Asger Thybo Geertsen, Product Manager at Triscan.

Selection of manufacturers and the new EGR valve test equipment
The EGR valve is an important product group within our ever-expanding program of sensors. The fact is that EGR valves are often very complex products and are subjected to heavy workloads. The process of choosing the right manufacturers is therefore very important, and our new EGR tests are a useful tool.

Product Coordinator Lars Berthelsen

"Part of our quality assurance process is the thorough selection of our manufacturers. We visit every potential manufacturer to see their production process for ourselves. During a visit we ask in-depth questions about production methods, materials selection / handling and quality assurance. We often find that the quality of the different manufacturers varies a lot. to ensure a high and uniform quality standard, existing manufacturers are also visited regularly.  Despite our efforts, it is impossible to completely avoid complaints. Thanks to our test equipment, we can often examine the part in-house using our test equipment and, in a very detailed test report, document whether the part is working properly or is defective, "says Lars Berthelsen, Product Coordinator at Triscan.

How does an EGR test work?
To determine whether an EGR valve open / close function is functioning properly, the voltage (V) of the electrical valve control is tested. The OEM manufacturer indicates an upper and lower voltage tolerance for each EGR valve. Using our new test equipment, we can see if the valve control is within the determined tolerance and if the voltage applied and the valve's opening degree follow the OEM manufacturer's specification.


  • We provide the aftermarket's widest range of sensors
  • All our sensors are 100% function tested
  • Gaskets in most cases are part of the EGR valve. Where this is not the case, they can be ordered as a loose part