Additional water pumps - New product range within the water pump programme

An increasing number of cars are no longer only equipped with a single water pump. To supplement the main pump, electrically powered additional water pumps may be included in the cooling system for different reasons. That is why we have expanded our water pump range with 35 references of additional water pumps.
Electric water pumps as such are not a new phenomenon. Since 2014 we have had several electric water pumps in our programme, those are however primary pumps. An example would be Triscan # 8600 11028 which is the primary water pump on several of BMW's models of the period 2004-2010, including 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, X1, X5 and Z4.
Triscan ref. 860011028
As mentioned above, electric additional water pumps apply to an increasing number of cars.  They have, for example, already been used on the VW Jetta II, 1.6 TD from 1989 (Triscan # 8600 10082) and forward. Additional water pumps are  amongst other things used for separate cooling of:
  • EGR valves
  • Turbochargers
  • Cabin heaters
  • Engines with start/stop function
  • Oil coolers
  • Battery and power electronics cooling in electric and hybrid cars
An example of this is the Audi Q5 2.0 TDI from 2015 and onward, where the additional water pump is used to circulate coolant between engine and radiator/heater for heating the cabin.
Triscan ref. 860029080
All Triscan water pumps are manufactured according to the TS16949 standard. For example, 100% control of pumps density, lifetime test, etc. is performed on test equipment specified by the car manufacturers.