Published - 2021

Drive shaft boot replacement: FORD FOCUS III 1.0 EcoBoost

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Mechanics who have tried to replace the outer drive shaft boot on a FORD FOCUS III 1.0 EcoBoost with the car-specific thermoplastic type have learned their lesson! This is not possible without replacing the boot on the gearbox side at the same time. But why do some providers sell the boot for the wheel side separately?

We don’t know! What we do know is, that we can help ensure that mechanics who choose our vehicle-specific solution will not be surprised by this fact. We offer only the outer boot as a set, which also contains the boot for the gearbox side as well as the necessary clamps and grease.   

Drivakselmanchet 854016709

Triscan ref. 8540 16709

Several purchasers are not aware of this detail when our reference 8540 16709 is compared with other providers' solution. Therefore, our solution can be mistaken for being expensive, even if it's not the case - it's just smart. 

Why is it that replacement of both boots is necessary?
Let us start by making it clear that the replacement of both boots only applies to cases where the boot is replaced by the car-specific thermoplastic type. This type of boot, unlike rubber boots, is relatively stiff. This means that the boot can't be expanded sufficiently to be mounted from the wheel side, but instead it must be mounted from the gearbox side, because it's only here that the C.V. joint can be removed from the axle. In that connection, it is necessary to remove the inner boot, which therefore must be replaced.

If the inner boot is intact, and a universal rubber boot is used instead, it is therefore possible to only replace the outer boot. From our range of universal boots, the 8540 18 can be used. This type requires the use of mounting tools: 8541 100 & 8541 070 (conical cone and mounting spray) or 8541 103 (Air-Tool - requires compressed air) / 8541 104 (Duralec - for screwdriver). 

See our brochure about boots and tools here.