Published - 2022

Another sustainable solution has been implemented

Corporate news

Sustainable solutions have been on the agenda for many companies for a long time, and Triscan is no exception. Several projects that speak into the green transition have already seen the light of day - and thus also the latest in waste recycling.

At Triscan's main warehouse, large amounts of surplus cardboard are generated daily. In the past, cardboard was disposed in the traditional way as recycled cardboard, but that is no longer the case. With the investment in a cardboard shredder, surplus cardboard is now converted into package filling, which can be recycled several times. In this way, both savings are created and at the same time the CO2 footprint at Triscan is reduced. 


“Over time, we have implemented several initiatives that have a sustainable focus and aim to reduce our CO2 footprint. It is especially in energy consumption and waste management that our opportunities lie. It's about being at the forefront - and the new cardboard shredder is the latest example of an initiative that speaks to that agenda - and I know that more initiatives are on the way", says Søren Kaare Nielsen, Warehouse Manager at Triscan a/s. 

In Denmark, the official goal in 2025 is for the amount of packaging that is recycled to grow from 55 to 65 percent. At the same time, a report shows that Danish companies with simple adjustments to the packaging can save a total of DKK 11.8 billion and 600,000 tons of C02. 

"The cardboard shredder has come into its own. The vast majority of the packaging we receive from suppliers, we can now reuse to create our own stuffing for shipments. In this way, we avoid buying stuffing and throwing the packaging in our container for recycled cardboard. The recycled material is at a high sustainable level, which is a great benefit for us", says Søren Kaare Nielsen and continues:

“In the car spare parts industry, which we are a part of, I feel that there is a special responsibility to work with sustainability to the extent possible. I am therefore very excited about the cardboard shredder, because it is a good example on how we - and many other companies like us - can relatively easily recycle cardboard in a sustainable way”.