Published - 2020

New: Triscan Shock Absorber Programme

Tech news

For the older but high-frequency part of the car park, we are now introducing an inexpensive alternative in OE quality. The shock absorber programme of more than 90 references consists solely of gas dampers.

Shock absorbers are a safety component and has great impact on the braking distance of a vehicle. It is therefore also very important for the shock absorbers to function properly. The replacement of shock absorbers, especially for owners of older cars, can become a rather expensive affair if the repair shop chooses to offer shock absorbers from premium brands. Unfortunately, this all too often means that car owners choose not to get the job done.
Bil Reklame

Triscan shock absorber programme is among other for cars like the Skoda Fabia Combi II

With our new programme of Triscan shock absorbers, which target the popular models in the older part of the car park, the repair shops will have the opportunity to offer an alternative to the expensive premium brands. And this without compromising on quality. Our production of shock absorbers is subject to the strict quality standard of the automotive industry IATF 16949 and are all gas dampers.

Did you know, that we recently also have introduced a programme of air bellows and compressors for vehicles with air suspension?