Published - 2019

TriSys update – new features

Tech news

Concurrently with Danish, Swedish and Norwegian workshops utilization of our system for efficient workshop operation and customer management, a lot of new features have been added - and more are on the way. Here you can read about the most important additions that, for many, really arise from users' own desires in terms of functionality and suggestions for improvements.

TriSys is sold and marketed under different names in the different countries. In Denmark, the Auto-G group offers it under the name G-plan, in Sweden Fixat offers it under the name Autofixat and in Norway the system is offered by the NDS Group (formerly Hellanor) under the name autoplus+. If you are not already familiar with TriSys, you can read "Triscan helps wholesalers develop car repair shop managements systems! Why is that?” before reading on.


New modules
A total of three new modules have been added and apropos the purpose of this article - to report on new features - a News/Info module has been added - TRINEWS. In this module, users get an overview and information about: 

  • News/changes in the system
  • Scheduled updates
  • Guides for using the system (video guides are intended to be introduced later)

Another new module is TRIHRM (Human Resource Management). With this module, employees' holidays, vacations, sick days and other absences can be registered so that resources are not mistakenly assigned tasks when they are absent. In addition, external partners such as body workshop, car painter, etc. can be created as resources.

The last module is for any workshop that already has or considers establishing a rental service - TRIRENT. In this module you do the administration of cars, trailers, roof boxes, etc. as well as standard contracts.

One of the major improvements that has been made is the planning calendar. Now you can freely choose between portrait and landscape view. The previously mentioned Human Resource Management module is integrated in the calendar and a window has been added where you can switch between detailed view of individual tasks and today's tasks in overview. It is now also possible to create tasks that exceeds more than a full day’s work and include several resources - including mechanics, bodyshop, car painter, etc. 

In the quotation module, it´s now possible to hide spare part numbers. In this way it is not that easy for customers to compare spare parts prices on the Internet.

Regarding the Tire hotel module, it has now become possible at customer level to show all the tires/rims that a customer in question has in storage. This is of course an advantage in cases where a customer has multiple vehicles registered.

A new menu item has been added to the TriSys system menu, which contains shortcuts to the most used areas of the system. In the top menu it is now possible to add your own links to external pages.  

A lot of systems/services can be integrated into TriSys. In relation to financial systems, we now have integrations to support the following ERP systems - economics, Uniconta and Tripletex. For a single customer we have integrated the customer's own catalog system. However, we have also created integration to information about the latest MOT test and date for renewal, which is displayed under the registered vehicles in TriSys. Finally, it is now also possible to obtain information about under which insurance company a vehicle is insured. However, this service is not for free, but is charged per lookup and is so far only available in Denmark.

Once the decision to change system has been made, there are many workshops that want to import data from their old system. In connection with the setup of TriSys, we have enabled the wholesaler's own consultants to import their workshop customer data.

If you want to know more 
If you, as a wholesaler, would like to discuss whether it might be relevant for you to offer your workshop customers a TriSys solution, you are welcome to contact us. You can also read about a workshop experience using the system here: TriSys customer case - CB Auto or Car owners vote TriSys user the third best workshop in Denmark.