Ongoing progress and development within Europe's largest steering part programme

2017 was, in many ways, a fantastic year for Triscan. First, the year ended with us winning the award as supplier of the year at the Auto Awards, furthermore keeping pace with the expansion of the steering part programme was succesful as well. The programme is still the most comprehensive in Europe, the product group has made significant progress, and the expansion of parts for both electric and hybrid cars has been welcomed by our customers.

"We have expanded the steering part programme with more than 600 new references in 2017,” says Product Manager Asger Thybo Geertsen and continues: "The total programme now contains 7,384 references and covering a total of 98.18% of the European car park, we can still  claim the most comprehensive programme of steering parts in Europe. 

Product Manager Asger Thybo Geertsen

Significant progress in sales and development of steering parts  
Within traditional steering parts such as brackets, bearings, stabilizers and ball joints, demand in 2017 increased by more than 20%. The demand for steering parts developed and produced on Triscan’s initiative has risen by 25% over the past year. "We are of course pleased that our initiative of developing steering parts that were previously not available to the professional aftermarket appeals to our customers," says Sales and Marketing Director Steen Ray Pedersen.

Steering parts for electric and hybrid cars
The first parts for electric and hybrid cars are already on our shelves and many new ones will be added in 2018. "With regard to steering parts for hybrid and electric cars, our program extension is already well under way. We have for example already parts for Nissan Leaf and Renault Zoe in stock, while parts for Tesla is on its way," explains Asger Thybo Geertsen, continuing: "We are, among other things, in the process of developing track control arms, stabilizer bars, tie rod ends, bushings for bodywork and wheel bearings Tesla models".

Developments in racks and pinions, steering shafts and servo pumps
Several technological innovations, including electric mechanical racks and pinions, electric steering columns and electric servo pumps, have come up over a period of time and are used in a steadily increasing number of car models. These racks and pinions and servo pumps are also part of Triscan's steering part programme.

A programme with many advantages for both wholesellers and mechanics
There are many advantages associated with choosing Triscan's range of steering parts. "With Triscan as a supplier, you can complete virtually all queries. In addition, parts are delivered in a high and uniform OE quality," says Sales and Marketing Director Steen Ray Pedersen, adding: "In both our catalogue and our ordering system TriWeb as well as in TecDoc/TecCom it is easy to find all relevant information about the products and of course order them".