New to Triscan’s strong range of springs

As one of the only suppliers in the market, Triscan now offers the original parabolic spring for Mercedes Sprinter 1995-2006 made from fiberglass strengthened composite.

One of the main advantages of using a composite spring rather than a conventional steel spring is to achieve a weight saving of not less than 19 kg.

As well as being resistant to corrosion, the flexibility of a composite spring is, compared to a steel spring, significantly better. The flexibility is maintained throughout the whole lifetime of the spring. Moreover, the composite material is heavily vibration damping. This provides an extremely comfortable suspension and improved handling.

The parabolic spring can be ordered through Triscan’s TriWeb  - Triscan reference 8765 23023 (Mercedes OE-reference 903 320 05 01 and 904 320 06 01).

Parabolic spring of fiberglass strengthened composite for Mercedes Sprinter 1995-2006