Published - 2023

Even smarter CobraXpro stone chip repair kit

Tech news

In several areas, two of the CobraXpro stone chip repair kits have been updated. They still differ in speed, simplicity, repair quality and mobility, but have now become even more user-friendly.

The two sets covered by the change are the K4200C and K4200H. Probably the biggest change accommodates the use of the kits, whether in the workshop or out in the field. The portion of the kits that contains all the necessary tools and consumables to perform stone chip repair is now housed in an insert that can be easily lifted out of the repair kits' plastic case and placed on the vehicle's windshield or hood. That way, you have everything close at hand - and the suction cups mounted on the underside of the insert ensure that the insert maintains its position on the windscreen or bonnet.

K4200C Stenslag og revnereparation

K4200C Stone chip and crack repair kit

K4200H Stenslagsreparationssæt

K4200H Stone chip repair kit

The rock chipping drill has been replaced with a version that charges via micro USB in the style of the included 3-in-1 repair bridge. There is thus no longer a need for the special charger and battery that the previous version of the drilling machine used.

K4221-1 opladelig boremaskine

Drill including charging cable - K4221-1


The resin pipettes featured in the previous newsletter are now included in the kits. Anyone who has tried their hand at stone chip repair knows the many challenges of using a syringe and needle to dose resin. As the only ones on the market, we can now offer our brand new solution, which solves these problems.

With our resin pipettes, all challenges associated with:

  • Correct dosage
  • Cleaning the needle
  • Cleaning the syringe
  • Disposal of needle and syringe due to late cleaning


K4202-2 resinpipetter

Resin pipette rack 10 pcs.- K4202-2


When using a needle and syringe, an overdose often occurs according to the motto: Better too much than too little. It is unnecessary, costs money and entails extra cleaning.

With resin pipettes, correct dosing is ensured every time - and you avoid having to clean the needle and syringe after use.

All too often it also happens that the cleaning of the needle and syringe is forgotten or postponed until the end. The resin hardens when exposed to UV light. That is that the curing process is initiated as soon as the resin is exposed to daylight. On days with a high UV index, you therefore do not have very long to clean the needle and syringe. When it is not done in time, it is too late and the needle and syringe must be discarded.

The resin pipettes are supplied as a practical set of 10. rack, where the pipettes are "broken off" individually, emptied into the used repair bridge's injector and then thrown away. Plain and simple!