Published - 2022

The Triscan Windscreen Pro Tools showroom is ready to receive customers

Corporate news

Following the introduction of our windscreen repair and removal programme, we have just completed the design of our showroom. Our specialist in the field, Emil Grøndal, is ready to receive customers, but he is of course also happy to pay the customer a visit.

In our new showroom, the possibilities are many to try and make both a stone chip repair and autoglass removal. After a short introduction - and under the expert guidance of Emil - you as a guest are in the process of repairing a stone chip. You do not only get the opportunity to see how incredibly fast Emil can repair a stone chip, but also the view that you, without prior knowledge of stone chip repair, can do it yourself. Precisely for this reason, it is an obvious opportunity for workshops to create an additional source of income. And what car owner would not appreciate being able to fix a stone chip during a workshop visit, instead of having to set aside extra time to visit an autoglass specialist?

show room 1
There is plenty of opportunities to see the different products in the showroom - and you also get the chance to make a stone chip repair yourself

For workshops that also have the courage to try window replacement, the Triscan Windscreen Pro Tools programme also includes unique solutions for this purpose. In our new showroom, the entire Triscan Windscreen Pro Tools programme is of course on display.

show room 2
In the showroom you also find 4 different kits for windscreen repair and autoglass removal - and the new brochure in the following languages: DK, DE, EN, SE and PL



  • Emil's father Claus Grøndal together with Anders Sørensen and Triscan own Wibotec a/s?
  • Claus Grøndal and Anders Sørensen are among the world’s leading specialists in windscreen repair and development of technology for the purpose? 
  • Emil Grøndal is a specialist within windscreen repair - he would like to come and demonstrate the Triscan Windscreen Pro Tools programme?
  • Emil has a past as a professional speedway rider before starting at Triscan?    

Further information:
Contact Emil Grøndal on or +45 30 62 40 58