Published - 2021

Triscan expands its shareholder base

Corporate news

Triscan a/s, which - based on its three warehouses in Denmark and Germany, supplies automotive spare parts and software to wholesalers in the professional aftermarket in most of Europe, is expanding its shareholder base.

John Blom Iversen, Chairman and Majority shareholder of Triscan says: “It has always been a great strength that the management team historically has been involved in Triscan as co-shareholders. The active co-ownership has strengthened the dialogue between the management and the board – and has contributed very positively to the execution of our strategy over the years.

Over the past four to five years, we have carried out a “generational change” in several important management positions – so that we now have a really strong management team that can act in relation to the major challenges and changes our industry faces over the next several years, I am thinking in particular of digitalization and not least electrification.

Our Vice Chairman and former CFO Bente Jørgensen is together with our long-standing Logistic & IT Director Morten Hallum already co-owners. Our CEO Michael Juul Hansen became part of the shareholder base 3½ years ago and now we are expanding the shareholder base to include the rest of the management team, which consists of 36-year-old CCO Morten Kjeldahl Vammen, 34-year-old CPO Asger Thybo Geertsen and 46-year-old CFO Brian Lillelund Sørensen", continues John Blom Iversen and adds, that in addition to the joy of expanding the shareholder base, he can with satisfaction see that Triscan in 2021 realizes a very satisfactory growth in earnings and revenue.

Triscan’s CEO Michael Juul Hansen is also very pleased that the entire management team in Triscan is now co-owners: “With the renewal and co-ownership entry of the entire management team, I am convinced that we as a team stand even stronger. I am sure that for all of us it adds an extra dimension and even more momentum to implement our strategic plans and goals for the future”.

The shareholder base in Triscan: From left Logistic & IT Director Morten Hallum, CCO Morten Kjeldahl Vammen, Chairman of the Board and Majority shareholder John B. Iversen, Vice Chairman Bente Jørgensen, CEO Michael Juul Hansen, CPO Asger Thybo Geertsen and CFO Brian Lillelund Sørensen

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