Published - 2021

Triscan becomes shareholder of Wibotec A/S

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Wibotec in Silkeborg (Denmark) - which was established in 1980 - and since 2020 is run by owner managers Anders Sørensen and Claus Grøndal has expanded the group of owners with Triscan a/s, headquartered in Aarhus. The management of Wibotec and Triscan sees great synergies between the two companies and the shareholdings in Wibotec are divided equally between the three shareholders.

Wibotec provides tools, accessories, and consumables for professional repair of autoglass. The product range also includes proprietary and patented products designed and tested in collaboration with leading specialists in the automotive industry. Today, the products are mainly marketed on the nearby European markets.

Based on its three warehouses in Denmark and Germany, Triscan supplies auto spare parts to wholesalers in the professional aftermarket in most of Europe, but also beyond Europe's borders. In addition, Triscan develops industry-specific software solutions in its subsidiary Triscan Software Solutions.

"We see great opportunities with Triscan's entry as shareholder of Wibotec. We not only gain competences and knowledge, but also access to Triscan's large network", says Anders Sørensen, CEO, Wibotec. "I dare say that we are a leader in technology in the replacement and repair of autoglass and that we have a unique product range. At the same time, we really feel that there is a really good match in the DNA of our respective companies and look forward to exploiting the huge potential for synergy" adds Claus Grøndal, CTO, Wibotec.

Triscan CEO Michael Juul Hansen also sees great opportunities: "Wibotec has been successful in establishing itself in several European markets and we are convinced that together we have the best opportunityis to make Wibotec an even greater export success. The change from traditional vehicles with combustion engines to electrical vehicles, will have a great impact on the auto spare parts business as we know it today, and we have to adapt to this trend. We are therefore continuously expanding our range of spare parts for electric cars but are also preparing for the inevitable decline in the number of wear parts sold as a consequence a change in technology. We are therefore constantly looking at how we can adapt our business to the new reality and here Wibotec is an important piece of the puzzle."  

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