Published - 2021

Pressure valve for air suspension on Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne or VW Touareg

Tech news

If the height of a Q7, Cayenne or Touareg seems lower than normal, a defective pressure valve may be the reason. The residual pressure retaining valve is the part that holds the air pressure inside the air suspension strut. It wears out and brakes with time causing air leaks.

•    If replaced in time, it is a rather inexpensive thing to do
•    If not replaced in time, a broken valve may lead to a compressor failure

Triscan pressure valve 8720 29301 is a high-quality valve suitable for fixing this problem on both front and rear struts of Audi Q7 (4L), Porsche Cayenne (9PA) and VW Touareg (7LA, 7L6, 7L7).  

Programme of air bellows and compressors of high demand
In the field of air suspension, we have put together a program of high demand air bellows and compressors for AUDI, BMW, CITROËN, MERCEDES BENZ, PORSCHE, TESLA and VW. Our program consists exclusively of OE quality air bellows and compressors. In the case where the car manufacturers stipulate that the compressor relay must be replaced simultaneously with the compressor, this is included as part of our delivery.