Triscan news – wherever and whenever you want it

As a supplier of spare parts for garages it is necessary to stay updated constantly and be able to disseminate information on business opportunities and the latest product knowledge. However, at what time of day and on what day of week do you have the time to read the news? Do you prefer to seek out the news yourself or to receive it? Would you rather receive news in electronic or printed format - or a combination of both? The choice is yours, and as the news volume grows and the opportunities of how to spread the news increase, the preferences among the recipients are also diverse.

For this reason we have, in Triscan’s news coverage, emphasized that the news from us must be available wherever you want and whenever you want: on your computer, your tablet, your smartphone or in a print version - and preferably 24/7.



Electronic newsletter 
On a quarterly basis, Triscan distributes an electronic newsletter - Triscan News. If you have not already signed up for Triscan News, you can easily do this here.

The newsletter's content and functionality have been updated in several areas. Triscan News is now also optimized to be viewed on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. You now have the opportunity to forward the newsletter via email or share it on LinkedIn. Last but not least, you will find a direct link to our website, LinkedIn page and YouTube channel where we will soon launch video instructions on how to use TriWeb.

Website and TriWeb
Both the current and recent news articles are always available on Triscan’s website. On the frontpage you will find a selection of the most recent news. If you choose to enter the specific pages for distributor / wholesaler, mechanic or industry, you will find news articles that have been specifically selected for your type of business.

Under "Archive" menu, which you find under "Press", you will find all the news articles sorted chronologically by year. Here you will also find all previously published news articles from our electronic newsletter "Triscan News" and "New references", with information about new references and replacements in case you need it.

If you are logged into TriWeb and need to access our news area, you just need to click the "WWW" tab. Here you get direct access to the distributor / wholesaler part of Triscan’s website and above mentioned news archive.

Our LinkedIn page is still under construction. To fully exploit the opportunities in Linkedin, we need more followers and therefore, we take this opportunity to ask every one of you, with a LinkedIn profile, to follow us on Linkedin. Thank you in advance. If you do not already have a LinkedIn profile, you may well consider creating one.

Benefits for your business and your customers
It is our wish that with the above setup has made it possible for all our customers to stay updated in the way, they want to. Important information about new business opportunities and useful product knowledge is always available - for the benefit of your business and your customers.