Published - 2019

Track control arms for Tesla S and X - now part of Triscan's range

Tech news

We are constantly developing new parts for Tesla model S - and just recently, we have also added parts for Tesla X to our range. Status is that 5 track control arms are stocked.



TCA 8500 81500 (OE: 1027351-00-C/1048951-00-A/1048951-00-B/6007997-00-D), right/left, lower - fits all model S and all model X


TCA 8500 81504 (OE: 1041570-00-A/1041570-00-B/6007998-00-C), left & TCA 8500 81503 (OE: 1041575-00-A/1041575-00-B/6006664-00-C ), right, bottom - fits all facelifted model S as well as all model X


TCA 8500 81506 (OE: 6006532-00-A/6006532-00-B), left & TCA 8500 81505 (OE: 6008930-00-A/6008930-00-B), right, upper - fits all model S without dual motor


You can find all the new track control arms at or in TecDoc.