Steering part assortments for Audi, VW and Mercedes

It is no secret that Triscan excels in a wide programme within steering parts of excellent quality. With more than 6.000 references, you will get very wide coverage of the entire car parc*  as a steering part customer at Triscan (based on an analysis from TecDoc data) – it can hardly be done any better!

Besides the wide coverage, Triscan’s steering part programme is also characterized by an extremely high quality, as all parts are quality tested according to standard procedures – plus all Triscan’s manufacturers of steering parts must meet the automotive industry’s quality standards TS 16949. As a customer at Triscan you can always be sure to get steering parts of the highest quality possible. 

Within the steering part programme Triscan offers several assortments for a.o. Audi, VW and Mercedes. 

Steering part assortments from Triscan


Boots for ball joints and tie rod ends for the simple repairs
Besides a comprehensive steering part programme, Triscan also offers an extensive quality programme within boots for ball joints and tie rod ends, which can be used in cases where a damage to the boot does not affect the function of the ball joint. In those cases, a simple replacement of the boot will be sufficient.

Triscan offers a wide range of boots for ball joints and tie rod ends, which can be used in a large number of vehicles. With only 7 different boots, almost 100% of the European car parc is covered. All boots are of very high quality, and are supplied in a 5 pcs. package with all necessary components, among others locking rings and clamps.


*diameter i mm

All of the above references are also sold as an assortment - Triscan ref. 8501 35105.

Triscan assortment - gaiters/boots for ball joints and tie rod ends

Additional information about Triscan’s range of boots, including our wide range of boots for drive shafts and steering racks, and universal boots and accessories can be found in our new boot brochure, which you can find in a pdf version here.