Special water pumps: Triscan expands the programme

Triscan expands the programme within special water pumps – two new references are added:

8600 29057H (OE no. 06H 121 026 AF, 06H 121 026 BA, 06H 121 026 CF, 06H 121 026 CQ, 06H 121 026 DD)

8600 29062 (OE no. 03C 121 004 C, 03C 121 004 D, 03C 121 004 E, 03C 121 004 G, 03C 121 004 J, 03C 121 004 L)

8600 29057H is our existing ref. no. 8600 29057 + housing, thermostat and thermostat flange, which fit VAG cars with 1.8/2.0 TSi/TFSi-engines.

The housing for 8600 29057 is originally made of plastic and rather often it breaks when replacing the water pump (which is made of aluminium) – and it can therefore not be re-used. The combination of aluminium and plastic is problematic.

The housing and the thermostat flange are not sold separately, but Triscan has chosen also to offer ref. no. 8600 29057H. So, per your need, you can now choose between ref. no. 8600 29057 without housing, thermostat and thermostat flange or 8600 29057H with housing, thermostat and thermostat flange.

When you order 8600 29057H, the housing, the thermostat and the thermostat flange are included


The water pump with ref. no. 8600 29062 for VAG cars with 103-135kW 1.4 TSi/TFSi-engines has also been added to the programme within water pumps. The water pump is electrically controlled to achieve an optimal ”flow”, and to live up to the new emission standards. The pump also fits car models with EcoFuel-engines.

This water pump is i.e. used in cars from the VAG-group:  Audi A1, Seat Alhambra, Seat Ibiza, Skoda Fabia, VW Beetle, VW CC, VW EOS, VW Golf, VW Jetta, VW Passat, VW Polo, VW Scirocco, VW Tiguan and VW Touran.

8600 29062 is the newest addition to Triscan’s programme of electrically controlled water pumps


Both types of water pumps are expected to be on stock from January 2017.