Published - 2019

New test center put into use

Tech news

Recently we opened our new in-house test center. Compared to the previous one, we have almost quadrupled the size. Since the establishment of our own in-house test center, it has been shown that the benefits for our customers, but also for us, are so great that the decision to expand the center came naturally. Read more about the new test center and our latest equipment in this article.


In some of our previous articles, we explained why we set up an in-house test center almost 3 years ago. The short explanation is that we felt that this would strengthen our competences and that we would be able to add value for our clients and ourselves in the following areas:


  • Quality control
  • Product development
  • Product comparison with OE and competitors
  • Complaint processing


This assumption has proven true so far. Of course, all above-mentioned areas benefit our customers, but the most noticeable for our customers are probably the improvements in the complaint processing. The response time has been shortened and the details of the accompanying documentation have been improved significantly. It was therefore not difficult to opt for the expansion of the test center as the existing test center's space became too tight due to continued investment in additional equipment.


We have described our equipment and how it works in previous articles. Since the last article, that detailed our ABS tests, the following devices have been added:


  • Durability testing of electrical gas springs
  • MAP tester - Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor

MAP tester


Soon we will also publish articles on how the new equipment is used and how it works. In addition to the new equipment, we have the following test equipment available:


  • ABS tester
  • Crankshaft Position Sensor tester
  • Camshaft Position Sensor tester
  • EGR valve tester
  • Rubber quality tester - ozone chamber
  • Corrosion protection tests - salt spray chamber
  • Tension and compression test - brake hoses, gas springs, tie rid ends, ball joints etc. 
  • Parallelism test - brake discs
  • Thermostat tester
  • PDS tester - parking sensors
  • Welding Penetration Tester

PDS tester – parking sensors


In the near future, a leak tester for water pumps and thermostats will become our next extension of the test center.