NEW - EGR valves are now part of Triscan’s extensive sensor programme

Triscan has once again expanded its already comprehensive sensor programme, which now also includes more than 190 references of EGR valves in OE quality. The EGR valves will to in TriWeb from mid September and in TecDoc from October 1st. The market's most comprehensive programme of sensors leads to increased sales and earnings, with less inventory costs and reduced manpower for programme maintenance and purchasing.

The EGR valve is a critical part of the system in the engine, which ensures that the vehicle's NOx pollution is reduced. The EGR valve operates by leading a portion of the vehicle's exhaust gas back to the combustion chambers, which lowers the combustion temperature significantly and thus reduces the amount of harmful NOx gases in the vehicle’s exhaust gases.

System design and function
The first EGR valves were simple devices that led exhaust gas back into the intake as soon as the engine was running. These early valves resulted, however, in several challenges, including ignition problems, poor fuel economy, uneven idle running and weakened performance. Therefore, manufacturers re-designed the EGR valve to be vacuum controlled and to use the manifold’s vacuum to keep the valve closed when the engine was started, and to open the valve once the engine reached a certain temperature. The result was a reduction of the pollution under almost all driving conditions, however, most significantly at part load.

Since then, in addition to the vacuum controlled EGR valves also electrically controlled EGR valves have been developed. These valves perform the same function as the vacuum valves, but instead they are electronically controlled by the engine control unit.


System design – EGR valve


Triscan’s programme of EGR valves contains both vacuum and electronically controlled valves.


OE quality and functionality test

Triscan’s production of EGR valves is subject to the strict quality control standards within the automobile industry: TS 16949, and all sensors are subject to a 100% functionality test before final approval.

If you want to read more about our EGR valves, please download more information here: 

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