Published - 2019

Additional 84 parts for electric, hybrid and hydrogen cars

Once again we have news regarding parts for cars with alternative driveline. At Triscan you can now get parts within undercarriage and engine control for models from Chevrolet, Citroën, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Opel, Peugeot, Toyota and VW.

The number of electric, hybrid and hydrogen cars on the roads - but also the number of car manufacturers that produce them and the number of models - is growing rapidly. That is exactly why it is also important to know where you get the spare parts from when the queries are registered. We have previously talked about all the parts we stock for Tesla, Nissan, Renault and BMW, but since then we have expanded the range again. 

With focus on wheel bearings, coil springs, ignition coils, MAP sensors and EGR coolers, we now also stock parts for the following models:

BMW I3 Toyota CH-R
BMW I8  Toyota Auris Hybrid, ZWE150
Chevrolet Volt Toyota Auris Hybrid, ZWE186
Citroën C-Zero Toyota Mirai
Hyundai Ioniq Toyota Prius 1.5, NHW11
Hyundai Kona Toyota Prius 1.5, NHW20
Kia Niro Toyota Prius 1.8, ZVW30
Kia Niro (e-Niro) Toyota Prius 1.8, ZVW35
Mercedes B Electric Drive Toyota Prius 1.8, ZVW40
Mercedes C350e Toyota Prius 1.8, ZVW50
Mitsubishi I-MiEV Toyota Prius 1.8, ZVW51
Nissan E-NV200 Toyota Prius 1.8, ZVW52
Nissan Leaf ZE0/ZE0E ( -> 2018 ) Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, AVA42
Opel Ampera Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, AVA44
Peugeot Ion Toyota Yaris Hybrid, NHP130
Renault Twizy VW E-Golf
Renault Zoe VW E-Up
Tesla S VW Golf GTE Hybrid, 5G
  VW Passat GTE Hybrid, 3G2, 3G5


You can find a complete overview of the 84 new spare parts here.


We supply parts for electric cars such as BMW I3

We also have parts for hybrid cars like Kia Niro

We can even support you with parts for hydrogen cars like the Toyota Mirai 

Front wheel bearing 853013146 for i.a. Toyota Mirai

 MAP sensor 882411007 for BMW I3 hybrid