Published - 2019

5-year warranty on all Budweg brake calipers from Triscan

From Triscan you only get spare parts in original quality, and calipers are no exception. If you order brake calipers from us, you will receive quality brake calipers from Budweg, on which we now can offer a 5-year warranty. This extended warranty period applies to all Budweg calipers purchased after April 1, 2019.


Based on solid core values 
Budweg has one of the newest and most modern production sites in Europe and has been supplying quality products to the aftermarket for more than 40 years. Budweg specializes in brake calipers, manufactured in a quality that often outperforms the original.


The eco-friendly alternative 
Manufacturing a new caliper requires a lot of energy, but Budweg uses only a fifth of that energy to renovate a caliper.

At Budweg, the original brake calipers are cleaned, dismantled and rebuilt to a standard that at least corresponds to the quality of the original mounted calipers. Incidentally, the cleaning process takes place in a closed and eco-friendly cleaning system - so when you choose Budweg you help protect the environment.