Published - 2023

Firstmover on as many as 19 handbrake cables in a new extension of the program

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Another expansion of 52 references in the market's largest program of handbrake cables counts as many as 19 references where Triscan is the first to offer an alternative to OES. All cables are of course manufactured according to OE specifications and in original quality. 

The total range of handbrake cables will soon number 1,800 references, covering virtually the entire vehicle fleet. But did you also know that Triscan's total program in cables also includes:

  • 215 coupling cables
  • 344 gear cables for both manual and automatic gearboxes
  • 127 cables such as choke cables, helmet cables, accelerator cables, speedometer cables and trailer cables

Among the handbrake cables where Triscan is the first to offer an alternative are several for EV vehicles. Below are two examples of this

 Triscan 8140141172
Triscan ref. 8140 141172 - Nissan Leaf ZE1

Triscan 8140141184 
Triscan ref. 8140 141184 - Nissan NV200/NV200 Evalia e-NV (ME0M)

 Triscan 8140231143
Triscan ref. 8140 231143 - MB Marco Polo/Vito series (W47/W447)

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