Published - 2022

Chip repair: A lucrative source of income for auto repair shops

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Imagine that you as a car owner have booked time at your workshop for service, wheel changes or the like. You drop off your car - and shortly after you get a call from the workshop. We noticed a chip in your windscreen – would you like us to repair it, now your car is here anyway

Car owners who previously have had a chip repair done may ask themselves several questions. The price-conscious car owner: Do I have to pay for the workshop to drive the car to an auto glass specialist?  
Is the repair more expensive to have done in my workshop?  And the answer to both questions is: No!  The quality-conscious car owner: Are they going to repair it themselves - and do they really know how?  If they, do it themselves, is it as good as with the specialist?  And the answer in both cases is: Yes!  But most people will say yes without reflection – because they see a great value in not having to make an additional appointment and set aside extra time in their calendar to go see an auto glass repair specialist.

And that's precisely why auto repair shops offering chip repair can kill two birds with one stone. They offer a valuable service to car owners - and they create for themselves a lucrative source of income.  But doesn't it require a large investment and plenty of time to get started, surely a workshop will ask? The answer is: No!  Although there are several chip repair systems on the market, no one else performs as well on the four most important parameters:

  • Speed
  • Simplicity
  • Repair quality
  • Mobility

Anyone can, after a short introduction, do the work
Our system is so simple to work with that EVERYONE - after a short introduction - can do the work. No special prerequisites are required. It is therefore obvious for auto repair shops to offer this service to their customers. After a short introduction and training, you are up and running.

Stone chip repair in just 5 minutes
With our 3-in-1 process, a stone impact repair can be done in just 5 minutes. After general preparation and purification of the stone chip, the following process steps are carried out with our own developed and patented repair bridge:

  1. Heating to 60° C and cooling to 20° C in 3 min.
  2. Filling and pressure/vacuum process in 60 sec.
  3. Hardening (LED UV curing 30 sec. and with 95-98% invisibility after hardening)

Nicer repairs with longer service life
Our specially developed resin differs in several ways. The special viscosity of the resin ensures that it flows into even the smallest cracks, which has an impact on how effectively the cracks of the stone chip are joined - and thereby the quality and service life of the repair. Further, the resin differs in that it does not yellow over time. From this, a nicer repair is obtained. But also our pit filler differs in several areas. Like the resin, it does not yellow over time and, in addition, it is characterized by a very high wear resistance. This ensures both a long service life and a nicer repair.

In the workshop or at the customer
Most stone chip repair processes include the use of vacuum technology, which often makes mobile application a challenge. With our proprietary and patented pressure/vacuum technology, repairs can be carried out at the customer as well as in the workshop.  A stone chip repair requires NO access to power or the like.

Triscan Windscreen Pro Tools – a lucrative source of income for auto parts wholesalersFor all auto parts wholesalers – both those who have a range of stone chip repair tools and those who haven't started yet – there is good reason to take a closer look at our new Triscan Windscreen Pro Tools programme.
The product range is also offered in private label. In addition to the mandatory training and training of the wholesaler's staff, we also offer marketing material so that you as a wholesaler get off to a good and fast start, for example:

  • Program brochure
  • Demonstration video with own employees
  • Website set up with customer support function
  • Stone chip covering sticker with phone number

See our brochure here.