Published - 2018

Triscan addresses mounting issues with servo pumps through

Tech news was developed for mechanics with benefits for both mechanics, wholesalers and their customers. After nearly two years, we find that the concept is serving its purpose and that complaints within product groups covered by the concept are dwindling. Therefore, we continue to highlight features of products where unusual details are to be considered during assembly. The latest additions deal with servo pumps.


Recently, an analysis of our complaints statistics has identified recurring cases connected to servo pumps, hence 17 new assembly instructions that cover 80 servo pump article numbers have now been uploaded. In general, it should be noted that it is always recommendable to clean the entire servo system before installing new components. It is also important to ensure that the oil used meets the manufacturer's specifications at least. Although the problem causes are manifold, three primary sources have been identified:


A recurrent problem source is related to filters that need to be cleaned or replaced. In some cases, it is simply a question of removing, cleaning and reinstalling the filter. In other cases, it requires special thoroughness and additional cleaning steps. There are, however, also examples where the filter is difficult to find and needs to be cleaned using compressed air.

The supplements concerning the filters are relevant for vehicles of the following brands: Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Seat, Ford.

Our analysis has found several cases where the failure of the power steering pump was caused by a faulty accumulator. The pumps can have one or two circuits and the accumulators are located in different places. In all cases, it is important to replace the accumulator when replacing the servo pump. In addition, various rinsing / cleaning processes and oiling processes are required.

The additions concerning pressure accumulators are mostly relevant for vehicles of the following brands: Mercedes-Benz, BMW, VW, Alfa Romeo, Audi, Citröen.


Another possible source of failure can be the belt tensioner. Part of the information for some servo pump numbers is therefore to replace the belt tensioner as well as the belt when the power steering pump is being replaced. For other part numbers it is important to replace the inner pulley belt that drives the compressor of the air conditioner. Failure to do so can lead to catastrophic failure and potential motor-damage.

The supplements concerning the belt tensioners are relevant for vehicles of the following brands: Citröen, Ford, Volvo.

The process:
Uploading a new file is preceded by three steps:

  1. Our product management team identifies a recurring item number in our complaints statistics.
  2. A subsequent analysis reveals that the complaints are caused by mounting problems. It should be noted that the concept emphasizes only products where unusual details are to be considered, where additional effort is required to ensure error-free installation - and thus to avoid complaints.
  3. Our product management team will find a solution to the installation problem, which will be formulated and uploaded to the server. There, the information is easily accessible for mechanics and - as our experience shows - drastically reduces the number of complaints.