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Triscan contribute to the work of the Danish Red Cross

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Triscan has increased its market share in Germany significantly over the last few years. Nothing suggests that the growth rate will decrease, and therefore it has been necessary for us to look at possibilities to adjust the current set-up to handle the increasing demand.

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The goal is the industry's best data quality!

Data quality is a complex character and at the same time a prerequisite for fast, efficient and accurate ordering. Particularly for this reason, data quality is to be taken very seriously. Triscan’s data quality has always been good, but the ultimate and ambitious goal for Triscan is to be proud owner of the best data quality.

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All brake components from a single supplier

Over the past few years’ expansion within the brake system parts programme, Triscan has almost become a OneStop shop within this area. With a coverage of the car parc of up to 97%, the garages are able to get the necessary spare parts for even the more rare cars.

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Triscan news – wherever and whenever you want it

As a supplier of spare parts for garages it is necessary to stay updated constantly and be able to disseminate information on business opportunities and the latest product knowledge. However, at what time of day and on what day of week do you have the time to read the news? Do you prefer to seek out the news yourself or to receive it? Would you rather receive news in electronic or printed format - or a combination of both? 

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Cold weather takes it toll on cars – are you prepared?

As a wholesaler, it is important to be prepared for sale of the standard winter products during the winter time. But it is just as important to be updated on product groups that include the parts, which suffer the most during winter time, such as:

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Triscan expands its extensive sensor program

In Triscans attempt to make sourcing of complex product groups easy for wholesalers and distributors, Triscan has expanded its already extensive sensor program with water temperature sensors, camshaft position sensors, crankshaft position sensors and throttle bodies.


At Triscan, we care about social responsibility and support both national and international charities. With a humanitarian sponsorship Triscan has recently become a business partner with Red Cross. By this initiative Triscan supports  Red Cross and their work to alleviate social distress and to make a compassionate difference,  based on local needs and the individual's life situation. In collaboration with the employees, Triscan also recently participated in the national campaign "Smid tøjet" (drop your clothes and donate them to charity)  arranged by Danish Red Cross.

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Triscan increases the competitiveness through logistic processes

7,000 order lines – spread over 2,000 orders - are on a daily business distributed from Triscan’s three stocks in Denmark and Germany. Triscan’s focus has been on quality just-in-time spare parts for the numerous customers in Denmark and Europe. The speed of delivery is very much similar to the distribution of fresh good to the supermarkets, which daily receive fresh milk for the refrigerated counter, just except for the fact that the delivery of spare parts is a lot faster.

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Market-driven product development of high quality spare parts

Product development of new or expansion of existing product groups, is always market-driven and aiming at generating specific and measurable benefits which can be turned into business for both customers as well as Triscan. "The majority of our development projects stems from our close dialogue with our customers," says Product- and Quality Director at Triscan, Jørgen Grand.

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