Published - 2023

TRISYS: Focus on optimisation at Bosch Car Service Viborg

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With 24 employees in the workshop and the same number of lifts, there is always a focus on optimising work processes at Bosch Car Service Viborg. The workshop is owned by Agilease A/S - a leasing company that makes attractive cars available to both private and business customers.  

On a hot summer's day, foreman Lasse Kronborg and CFO Stefan Mørn Mikkelsen agreed to talk about the reasons for choosing and their experience with the implementation and operation of TRISYS as a workshop management system.

Background for the choice of TRISYS
For both Lasse Kronborg and Stefan Mørn Mikkelsen, it was important to find a system that could be relatively easily customised to their business and requirements in the short and long term. "With TRISYS, we immediately realised that the system is developed by professionals who understand our world. With all the options that the system offers in the standard package, we have been able to fulfil most of our wishes - and thus minimise the number of customisations. Leasing agreements often include service agreements and here we needed greater integration with the leasing part," says Stefan Mørn Mikkelsen. "I have read the documentation for all of the more than 300 small and large extensions or changes that have been made to the system since 2018 - and it clearly shows flexibility, dedication and a desire to constantly adapt to the needs of workshops," adds Lasse Kronborg.
Agilease Viborg biler
Agilease provides attractive cars for both private and business customers

The workshop
The workshop employs a total of 24 people - 15 mechanics, 4 sign-in clerks, 2 drivers and 3 sweepers. The workshop has 24 lifts, 35 rental cars and a tyre hotel. The customer mix is atypical, as the workshop's largest customer is its owner Agilease, which fills about 80% of the capacity.

Bosch Car Service Viborg værksted 2
Bosch Car Service Viborg has 24 lifts and all modern equipment available 

The solution
TRISYS contains a number of standard and add-on modules. For Bosch Car Service Viborg, three add-on modules are in use - technical support, tyre hotel and soon on-line booking. In addition to Lasse Kronborg's access to the system, there are 4 PCs in the enrolment department, 8 PCs in the workshop and a tablet for break registration. ERP-wise, the system's integration to e-conomic by VISMA is used. The system is cloud-based and hosted on Amazon servers with automatic backup.

Transferring data to TRISYS is done via the system's data import module and is part of the delivery. "All the data we had requested to be transferred from our previous system was transferred when we started using the system. It's quite overwhelming with all the possibilities we have with the system - and since it's important to get everyone on board, we have chosen a step-by-step approach to implement the system. We started with the basics and then, when we were ready, we started using additional functions," says Lasse Kronborg.

Daily operations
The calendar, which is the centrepiece of TRISYS, gives Lasse Kronborg, enrolment and the workshop an overview of the day's and week's tasks. With the large number of employees and resources, it has been necessary to use the option of setting up group calendars to avoid having too much information in one overview. Thus, enrolment and the workshop each have their own calendar.
Bosch Car Service Viborg indskrivning
The four employees working in the enrolment department at Bosch Car Service Viborg have their own group calendar customised to their work tasks

"We are very happy with the quick search function in the calendar. Here we can search for all information that is visible in the calendar overview. This can be the number plate, car make and model, but also the information we have defined under extended information display - which in our case is tyre location and VIN. For example, we tag all tyre changes when we create the job card, so we can easily search all tyre changes for a day”.

1,000 sets of wheelsets at Bosch Car Service Viborg's tyre hotel are managed in the TRISYS tyre module. The workshop has a Hunter tyre scanning system installed, for which Lasse Kronborg wants to have an integration developed. In TRISYS, there is already an integration to the tyre scanning system from T-SCAN
Bosch Car Service Viborg dækhotel

Bosch Car Service Viborg dækscanner
Bosch Car Service Viborg's tyre hotel has space for 1000 wheelsets and the workshop has tyre scanning equipment from HUNTER


The rental module in TRISYS is used to manage the 35 rental cars that the workshop has at its disposal. Standards for rental contracts can be set up in the module. Information about the renter, including driver's licence number etc. can be transferred from the customer card if desired. The module can also be used for other types of hire, such as trailers, roof boxes and the like.

Quotes or job cards are quickly and easily created in the system. Bosch Car Service Viborg's Haynes Pro solution is fully integrated so that service schedules and information about working hours, required spare parts, etc. are directly transferred to TRISYS. "When things are moving fast, the function to be able to interrupt the preparation of a quotation or job card is really good - and thanks to the associated follow-up list, you don't forget them and can easily find them again".

In cases where a customer is connected to the workshop's pick-up/drop-off service, a job card will, in addition to the actual service or repair work, also include the task of picking up and returning the car to the customer.

In the workshop, where a PC is set up for every two mechanics, punching in and out on a job card is done directly from the calendar. The individual mechanic is also responsible for ordering spare parts. At Bosch Car Service Viborg, the catalogues of four wholesalers are integrated into the solution, which provides great flexibility and makes it easy to always have the necessary parts.
Bosch Car Service Viborg TRISYS
At Bosch Car Service Viborg, the 8 PCs in the workshop are shared by 2 mechanics each

In addition to the service schedules made available via the Haynes Pro integration, you can easily create your own. At Bosch Car Service Viborg, for example, there is a special service form for rental cars, a preparation and handover report.

Employee in/out registration has been simplified by using TRISYS - and a separate system for this is no longer necessary. Clocking in and out during breaks is also done in the system using a tablet set up for this purpose.

Payroll is based on the attendance report that Stefan Mørn Mikkelsen pulls out of the system at the end of the month. "In this way, I can easily obtain a large part of the information I need prior to payroll".

For Bosch Car Service Viborg/Agilease, high reliability is important. The cloud-based system is hosted on Amazon servers with automatic backup, where reliability is prioritised. "We have experienced a very fast but also reliable system, which we are of course very pleased with".

The next step
As previously mentioned, Bosch Car Service Viborg has chosen to take one step at a time. Several of the next steps will be the introduction of standard functionality, but there are also projects in the pipeline that require customisation and development.

First up is the rollout of 2-way SMS, digital signature and online booking. With 2-way SMS, it's super easy to communicate with customers directly in TRISYS. With digital signature, the workshop ensures that the legal basis is in order to charge for the work performed. With online booking, the growing number of car owners who want to book service checks, tyre changes or promotional offers via the workshop's website will be able to do so. Before online booking becomes a reality, however, Lasse Kronborg must first define single and multi-job tasks and their prices in the system. Bookings via online booking can be defined and limited in many ways. As a starting point, only available times are made available. All online booking requests can be seen in the calendar as provisional and must be confirmed by the workshop before the customer receives a confirmation.  

The list of requests that require customisation and development includes tyre scanner integration with Hunter, invoice workflow and integration with the Loucon lease calculation system
Agilease Viborg showroom
In the Agilease showroom, you'll find many exciting vehicles


In TRISYS, there is already integration for tyre scanning systems from T-SCAN - and as soon as the necessary documentation from HUNTER is available, this will also be an option in TRISYS. The request for invoice workflow will also be realised, as this is a request from several TRISYS customers. For Loucon, which is the leasing system that Agilease uses to prepare leasing calculations, offers and contracts, Agilease wants an integration of customer data into TRISYS

TRISYS - for both large and small workshops
TRISYS can be used by all types of workshops - from sole traders to large workshops - and you can find more customer cases at TRISYS is developed by Triscan Software Solutions - a subsidiary of Triscan a/s - and the system is offered to workshops by a number of wholesalers in Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Germany under various names such as GPLAN, HDB System, WIESYS and others. For further information, please contact Peter Riis Hansen, Triscan Software Solutions at or +45 87 43 33 05.


The story of Agilease A/S

Agilease Viborg bygninger
Agilease started in 2001 as KJ Biler & MC - focusing mainly on motorcycles and accessories. Since then, the focus has gradually changed, and today the focus is predominantly on car leasing, car hire and workshop operations. The company has since grown from a small niche business to a nationwide provider - fuelled by passion and professionalism.

Agilease is authorised by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority and has been named a Gazelle company by Børsen in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. The Gazelle award is given to companies that manage to create high growth and maintain a high solvency ratio.