Published - 2020

Timing belt kit: Efforts to reduce complaints have performed beyond expectations

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Today, when we - almost 7 years after the launch - look at the results of what was originally started as an experiment in Denmark and has since been further developed into our concept, it is hard not to be satisfied. And the feeling of satisfaction naturally does not diminish when you know that the effort has also benefited both wholesalers, workshops and car owners.

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In round figures, the complaint rate has fallen to almost a fifth and has averaged 0.37% since 2014. Especially within timing belt kits, the gain is extra-large. The timing belt system is a vital and vulnerable part of the internal combustion engine and breakdowns are often a costly affair. It is therefore important to:

•    Use quality parts
•    Ensure correct installation
•    Use special tools when required
•    Respect the service intervals





In relation to the first three items, you are well on your way by choosing a timing belt kit from Triscan. Firstly, you are guaranteed quality parts from the world's largest manufacturers - Gates, INA, Litens, GMB and others. Secondly, you are guaranteed clear marking of timing belt kits, which requires special attention when mounting - and mounting instructions, videos, tips and tricks are at your hand. And thirdly, clear marking of timing belt kits is also ensured, where correct installation requires the use of special tools.