Published - 2023

Timing belt change: Extra attention with Ford 1.0 Eco Boost engines

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The widely used Ford 1.0 Eco Boost engine requires special attention in relation to changing the timing belt for several reasons. Read this article and learn more about the background and which precautions are important to know.

Replacing the toothed belt with this engine type is time-consuming and takes approx. 7 hours. Presumably for this reason, the list of recommended replacement parts and mandatory replacement parts from the Ford repair manual is very long. It includes i.a. bolts for the front chamber cover, crank bolt, bolts for the sump, gasket for the crank, flame washers and gaskets for nozzles and the fuel rail. But it also includes the installation of a friction disc (Ford OE 1870533). Here it is important to note that although not all engines from the factory are fitted with the friction disc, it MUST be fitted when changing the timing belt to ensure correct idler pulley torque.

In other words, a great many parts are needed to make a correct replacement - and the probability of suddenly missing a bolt or a gasket is very high.

For this reason, we now offer a mounting kit - # 8647 16025 - that contains all the necessary bolts and gaskets that should be used with the 4 variants of the timing belt kit available in versions with or without water pump

8647 16025 Accessory set



  • Even if a friction pulley is not fitted from the factory, a friction pulley MUST ALWAYS be fitted when replacing the timing belt to ensure that the idler pulley torque is correct. The friction disc comes with all of Triscan's timing belt sets for Ford 1.0 Eco Boost engines.
  • Remember to use special tools.

Triscan ref. 8647 16022 - Timing belt set 16 mm wide belt


Triscan ref. 8647 16023 - Timing belt set 18,1 mm wide belt

Triscan ref. 8647 160503 - Timing belt set with water pump 16 mm wide belt



Triscan ref. 8647 160504 - Timing belt set with water pump 18,1 mm wide belt