Published - 2023

Tesla: Special Crane for Auto glass Replacement

Tech news

Windshields, rear windows and glass roofs on Tesla models belong in the heavyweight class - replacement and assembly are therefore not straightforward. New occupational health and safety legal requirements for heavy lifting, which have gradually been introduced in many countries, do not make the challenge any less. But now there's good news.

Following a request from Tesla and Würth in Norway, our colleagues at Wibotec A/S have developed a crane that seamlessly solves the task. The new crane, which complements Wibotec's range of cranes, can handle glazing up to 80 kg – where ordinary cranes are typically approved for 30 kg. It can thus be used for handling both windshields, rear windows and glass roofs.

The crane is equipped with two motors. One engine simultaneously lifts the column and arm, while the other - which is mounted on the arm - is used to control a lifting straps motion. The lifting strap solution has been introduced to enable the crane to function even if the space for window handling is tight.

If you want to know more about the special crane, you are welcome to contact Emil Grøndal - +45 30 62 40 58.