Published - 2023

With resin pipettes, the use of syringe and needle can be completely avoided in stone chip repair

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Anyone who has tried their hand at stone chip repair knows about the many challenges of using syringe and needle for dosing resin. As the only company on the market, we can now offer our brand new solution that addresses these issues.   

With our resin pipettes, all challenges associated with:

  • Correct dosage
  • Needle cleaning
  • Syringe cleaning
  • Discarding needle and syringe in case of late cleaning

When using a needle and syringe, there is often an overdose according to the motto: Better too much than too little. It is unnecessary, costs money and entails extra cleaning.

With resin pipettes, you are ensured correct dosing every time - and you avoid having to clean the needle and syringe after use.

Too often it also happens that the cleaning of the needle and syringe is forgotten or postponed at the end. Resin hardens when exposed to UV light. This means that the hardening process is initiated as soon as the resin is exposed to daylight. Thus, on days with a high UV index, you do not have very long to clean the needle and syringe. When you don't do it in time, it's too late and the needle and syringe must be discarded.

The Resin pipettes are delivered as a practical 10-piece rack, where the pipettes are "broken off" individually, emptied into the injector of the repair bridge used and then thrown away. Quite easy and simple!

Watch video with stone chip repair - where resin pipette is used - here


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