Published - 2022

Rebuilding and reorganization of the warehouse for the benefit of customers

Corporate news

In our efforts to provide the best possible service to our customers, we have continuously rebuilt and reorganized our 3 warehouses. If you are interested in warehousing and logistics and would like to know more about what we have done, the explanation comes here. 

With an overall goal of creating value for our customers, our main focus has been the processes around how we create space for more goods, increase the speed of order processing and at the same time minimize picking errors. The new initiatives have taken place in an ongoing process with the involvement of our colleagues in the logistic department. Our team leaders, who have been project managers, have held weekly meetings where input from colleagues and the results achieved so far have been communicated. 

Space optimisation
Measured in the increase in stock value, we have succeeded in creating approx. 20% more space in our warehouses. The great result has been achieved by investing in several areas. With smarter storage, we have been able to compress several of our product groups in terms of space. The compaction has taken place partly by changing the interior, but also by paying attention - at product number level - to collecting products instead of having the same product lying around in several places. At our warehouse in Copenhagen (Glostrup), we have, with a focus on "dead" square meters, made room for another 5,000 article number places.


Increased speed
At the same time that we have increased the quantity of goods in our warehouses, we have also succeeded in increasing the speed of order processing. The improvement has been achieved over a long period of time and has been costly. At our main warehouse in Brabrand, part of the speed increase has been achieved by replacing trolleys with moving equipment for both package and pallet picking. In order to achieve optimal conditions for the use of moving equipment, it has been necessary to increase the width of the aisles between the shelves. Another initiative has been increased focus on the distance between picking and buffer locations. In this way, we have been able to ensure that a buffer location is always located as close to the picking location as possible - and always in the same aisle.

Minimisation of picking errors 
A derivative effect of some of the above initiatives has been directly measurable in relation to the number of picking errors. Over a period of two years, it has been possible to reduce the number of picking errors to a very low level.

Possibility of smaller pallet shipment from our German warehouse
But we have also done a lot to improve the service to the part of our German customers who receive goods from our warehouse in Iserlohn, near Dortmund. They have now been given the opportunity to save money on shipping by the fact that we now have the opportunity to process smaller pallet shipments.

We do not stop here
The results we have achieved - which in the end is of great benefit to our customers - we are of course proud of. We therefore naturally continue - following the same model - to improve ourselves with input from our colleagues and customers.