Published - 2023

Obituary: Triscan has lost a capacity of the greats

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Our dear colleague of 38 years, Troels Madsen, is no more. After being diagnosed with incurable cancer 8 years ago, Troels, with his tireless fighting spirit, positive attitude, and the help of doctors, managed to avoid the inevitable until Friday 14th of July.

Troels leaves a large and indelible mark at Triscan, but also among all the people in our industry with whom he has been in contact at home and abroad through his work. Troels was of the old cast: always helpful, unparalleled and has a large share in Triscan's success. He has helped set his mark and direction on many of the product groups - and without him the program of steering parts would never have become as large a product group as it is today

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Troels was not only professionally skilled, but also a thoroughly fantastic colleague who contributed to the community to such an extent - and the best work colleague you could wish for. Troels had a sense of humor, which was evident right up to the end. As a loyal football fan, Troels had encouraged people to turn up for the funeral in Brøndby IF clothes. But Troels was also good at sharing, giving and being grateful. For the funeral, Troels did not want flowers, but rather a donation to the Cancer Society.

"Unfortunately, there is nothing more to do, so I have checked my last steering part, I can only wait for time to run out, luckily we don't know when that will be.

I've had/got 8 good years, so I won't complain. Everyone has experienced either losing or knows someone who is fighting cancer or other life-threatening diseases, it can be both physical or psychological.

I wish them all the best for the match.

I wish everyone a good summer.”

Quote: Troels Madsen

Troels lived to be 63 years old and is survived by his wife, a daughter and a son.

Glory be to his memory