Tesla: Triscan first on the free aftermarket with cv joints and boot kits

We have continuously informed which parts we stock for Tesla - and now even more have been added. As the first on the free aftermarket, we now offer cv joints and boot kits. With the latest product releases, we have more than 40 parts primarily for the S and X models. 

If you once experienced the acceleration capabilities of a Tesla, it is not hard to imagine the amount of stress that the drive shafts and cv joints are exposed to. In other words, it is not a question of if, but rather a question of when these parts are due for replacement. For a while we have been able to deliver 3 of the drive shafts, but now another 3 have been added. In addition, we have added 4 cv joints in the programme as well as 4 boot kits. Get an overview of the transmission parts in the table, which you will find at the bottom of this article.

8540 81201 cv joint - for Tesla models S and X 


8540 81507 drive shaft gearbox side - for Tesla models S and X 


8540 81903 boot Kit - Tesla Model S and X

 8540 81101 CV joint S and X
 8540 81201 CV joint S and X
 8540 81202 CV joint S and X
 8540 81203 CV joint S and X
 8540 81501 Drive shaft S
 8540 81502 Drive shaft S and X
 8540 81504 Drive shaft X
 8540 81505 Drive shaft S
 8540 81506 Drive shaft X
 8540 81507 Drive shaft, gearbox side S and X
 8540 81801 Boot kit S and X
 8540 81901 Boot kit S and X
 8540 81902 Boot kit S and X
 8540 81903 Boot kit S and X