New inspiration for the job of activating the unemployed

Councillor for Social Affairs and Employment in Aarhus Kommune (Aarhus Municipality), Kristian Würtz and representatives of Jobcenter Aarhus, Maria Haugen-Vestenaa and Trine Hanøy Flensted-Jensen, visited Triscan for a talk about the long-standing collaboration and new inspiration for activation of unemployed.   

The collaboration between Aarhus Kommune/Jobcenter Aarhus and Triscan dates back more than 15 years and since its establishment, Triscan has had the status of "business center". Here, unemployed people can have the opportunity to get tested for a job in a real workplace. It is important to underline that the work performed does not cost Danish jobs, as these are tasks that would otherwise be performed by the foreign suppliers. In a business center, the unemployed (prospects) are clarified in a business process, where during the process work is also being done with the person's other challenges. This practice is breaking with the previous practice, where unemployed people with special challenges must be made ready for the labour market before they start an internship at a company. 

Service coordinator Jørn Kim Jensen uses approx. 70% of his working time as a mentor in Triscan's business center. Several hundred prospects have been through a process at Triscan and Jørn Kim Jensen estimates that for every three prospects one will afterwards get a job - primarily in flexijobs. Aarhus Kommunes strategy with the effort is precisely to get more people into flexijobs rather than live a life without any contact with the labor market. Inspired by his work, Jørn Kim Jensen has got several ideas for how the process can be adapted so that even more prospects reach the goal of subsequently getting a flexijob.   

Jørn Kim Jensen explains Councillor Kristian Würtz from Aarhus Kommune, Maria Haugen-Vestenaa and Trine Hanøy Flensted-Jensen from Jobcenter Aarhus about the types of work that for instance are being performed by prospects in the clarification process.

In a time of low unemployment, the composition of the group of prospects has changed. "A larger part than before has never been part of the labor market and the personal challenges are strongly represented," Jørn Kim Jensen explains, and continues: " I therefore spend a great deal of time getting the specific working conditions that must be taken into account for each prospect - be it reduced working hours, pace, breaks etc. At the same time, it is important for the prospects to understand that they work on equal terms with the company's other employees. They must also be aware of the requirements and expectations we as an employer have for them and what opportunities we as a workplace can offer”.

During the visit at Triscan, Thomas joins the group. Thomas, who is 34, started in a process at Triscan 4 weeks ago. Almost 5 years ago, Thomas lost his full-time job after ending up in a drug addiction that later led him into a depression. After becoming drug-free and medicated for depression and anxiety, Thomas tried to get back into the job market in a previous process at Triscan. The ambition was to get ready for a full-time job within 13 weeks, but unfortunately it did not turn out that way. Thomas had a relapse instead but is now ready for a new process with a more realistic goal. “I'm really happy to be back and have been met super well. It's so good to have something to do instead of sitting in front of the TV. My work is organized so that I do not have to relate to too many people and the tasks are well-tuned, but also challenging. I now know that my abuse has damaged me mentally, but I get the right medical treatment and I have a much more realistic picture of my own situation. Aarhus Kommune and Triscan have really helped me a lot and I get support all the way around”, says Thomas.

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