Expansion in Triscan's gas spring programme

Triscan's already extensive program of gas springs now includes more than 1,465 OE-quality references. With the expansion of the program, we can offer an almost 100% coverage of the European car park. No matter which gas spring you are looking for, you can be close to certain that Triscan can deliver it.  

One of the newest gas springs in our program is for the Opel Insignia station wagon (# 871024236)

A gas spring loses its pressure over time - in the cold winter months, this pressure loss is amplified by the low temperatures. That’s why it is during winter that car owners are most likely to notice that something is wrong with the gas springs and an exchange is necessary.

Gas springs are virtually maintenance-free, but ...
All parts of the gas fields should be kept free of rust and dirt at all times. This is especially true for the piston rod, which could otherwise damage the gas spring gasket - causing it to leak and lose its pressure and thereby function. Also avoid straining or bending the gas spring sideways. 

Always replace gas springs in pairs


…that Triscan itself produces gas springs?
…that Triscan also offers a very wide range of  universal gas springs?
The 254 gas springs and 41 fittings offer many combinations. Special needs require special solutions - these can also be found at Triscan.
…that Triscan also produces customized gas springs?