13 parts for Tesla Model S

In an earlier article, we have already reported that we have developed parts for the Tesla Model S. The status today is that the 13 parts are ready for delivery in our warehouses. Get an overview of what parts are here and what parts for Tesla our program will be expanded with shortly.
The number of model variants of the Tesla model S is very large - a total of 15 - and the number of Triscan parts varies depending on the model. In our online catalog (triweb.triscan.dk) and TecDoc you will find the details of the respective parts.
 Model S           Model S 85D
 Model S 60 Model S 90D
 Model S 60D Model S 100D
 Model S 70 Model S P85
 Model S 70D Model S P85D
 Model S 75 Model S P90D
 Model S 75D Model S P100D
 Model S 85 
Brake system, steering and suspension, transmission and body
The so far 13 parts are to be found in the categories brake system, steering and suspension, transmission and body. 
For the steering and suspension we have stabilizers for front axle and wheel bearings for front and rear:
8500 81600 8500 81603
8500 81605 8500 81606


8530 81101

8530 81201

For the transmission we store drive shafts for models with 2- and 4-wheel drive. Three article numbers are already in stock and the last three will be within the next month. At Tesla, drive shafts can only be purchased as a complete unit. At Triscan we will soon be selling loose joints and cuffs:
8540 81502
8540 81505
8540 81506
Within the breaking system we sell spare parts for the front and rear-wheels as well as mounting kits:
8110 10582 8110 10606
8105 101640 
For the body we have the gas spring for the bonnet.

8710 81101
Several parts on the way
More parts are on the way and more are in development. We expect to be able to offer the following product groups shortly:
Brake discs front
Brake discs rear
Three additional drive shafts
C.V. joints
Track control arms
Steering rack