Much more than just a spare part

When using Triscan as your supplier, you will not only have spare parts delivered, but also gain a number of advantages






Calculation of your economical gain
Our SOLO model facilitates calculation of the economical advantages a distributor will gain from having Triscan as their supplier.







Triscan Manufacturing
Co-ownership of specific manufacturing companies, enables us contributory influence on development, quality control and pricing of our products.






OE-quality approved parts
All Triscan products are manufactured according to OE-specifications. (Car manufacturers product requirements)







Extensive quality control
Besides the quality control during production, our products are also subject to systematic control upon entering stock.





Informative numbering system
Our informative number system provides information as for instance product type, car brand, mount orientation and likewise.





Practical stocking systems
For “unhandy” products, we have developed practical storage systems, which secures effective, quick and space saving storage.







Wide covering product program
Our product program covers 97% of the European car park. By choosing a product group from us, you wont need another supplier in that group.






Online catalogue
Our product program is available online. The program can be accessed through our own catalogue - TriCat or TecDoc.






Online ordering
Orders are easily given through the Triscan e-trade system - TriWeb - TecCom or by your won system through our webservice.









Competent support
Our customer center and product department are always ready to supply competent customer service and technical support. 






Effective logistics
We deliver products on time, thanks to our fast and effective logistic setup.






Complete products
Triscan supplies complete products with all necessary parts for correct mounting. Mounting instructions are always included whenever needed.