Published - 2023

Focus on reuse and recycling of wooden pallets

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Through a targeted effort - and by e.g. to use myPallet's digital packaging management - we have not only succeeded in being far more sustainable, but also in saving money. In other words, there have only been benefits associated with our efforts.      

At Triscan, we have a large consumption of both Euro pallets and disposable pallets. A great many of our disposable pallets go to our warehouse as part of the deliveries we receive from our manufacturers. The disposable pallets do not always follow the standard dimensions of the Europallet, are not always made of wood and can therefore be difficult to recycle. We have therefore, where possible, asked those of our suppliers who supply disposable pallets in not standardised dimensions and/or materials to change this. We have thereby achieved the ability to reuse a much larger number of disposable pallets in our shipment. At the same time, we have reduced our purchases of disposable pallets.

Disposable pallets in obsolete sizes and materials are sold via myPallet to buyers who specifically demand this type of disposable pallets. Instead of being scrapped as recycled wood, they are used as pallets elsewhere.

Container med affaldspaller
Container with pallets that are in such poor condition that they are disposed of as recycled wood

Pallets that are so damaged that they can no longer be used are discarded and disposed of as recycled wood in a special container for this very purpose.       

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