Published - 2023

Choose the right track control arm for the Tesla model S

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The front track control arm for the Tesla Model S is available in two different variants depending on the car's production date. Although the design varies, there is a risk of installing the wrong wishbone because the attachment points are identical.

As can be seen from the product images beneath, the design varies in several areas. For models after 03/2016, you must use #8500 81519, which we offer including a complete bolt set. Conversely, for models up to 02/2016, #8500 81500 must be used. Note that the bolt set is offered separately as #8500 81401.


Triscan 8500 81500 TCA Tesla S


Triscan 8500 81519 TCA Tesla S


Triscan #


Change of year

8500 81500

1048951-00-A, 1048951-00-B

-> 02/2016

8500 81519

6007997-00-D, 1027351-00-C

03/2016 ->


Why is it necessary to replace the bolt kit?  
Firstly, because the bolt kits should ALWAYS be replaced for safety reasons. Secondly, because we have heard of several examples where the track control arm bolt from the factory is mounted inappropriately (from the "wrong" side) in relation to being able to avoid separating several parts of the wheel suspension. If the bolt is fitted from the "wrong" side from the factory, it is much easier to remove it by cutting it with an angle grinder. In such cases, there is an added benefit of having a new set of bolts on hand.

This overview shows which models the two versions of the track control arm fits.