Triscan’s offer for European Warehouse Distributors and Wholesalers has shown to lead to significant improvements in their business operations through increased sales, reduced investment in inventory levels and reduced costs for product management. It almost sounds too good, but the recipe is simple!



Fast and complete deliveries combined with the wide range and outstanding coverage in an impressive number of product categories simply mean a highly improved product availability for your customers. With the Triscan solution your sales will increase, as it becomes possible to stock an even wider programme with a smaller investment.

Triscan has developed a special expertise within the product groups which make out a small part of the customer’s turnover, but which demands comparatively ample resources for maintenance and purchase (e.g. thermostats, gas springs, brake and clutch cables, brake hoses etc.). Due to Triscan’s attractive range of products several customers choose to outsource these product groups to Triscan and instead focus on the company’s core products.

Triscan has also developed highly complex product groups – steering parts and brake parts. The customers can source the complete range from Triscan instead of having to purchase the products from a wide range of suppliers to obtain a competitive product range.



There are many factors which affect a company’s ability to generate profit, e.g. interest rates, stock value, contribution margin, program coverage of the car parc, order fill rate, time of delivery, purchase frequency, use of resources, cost prices, etc.

The SOLO concept (Sales Opportunities and Logistic Optimisation) covers a complex method of calculation involving the above parameters, and based on the information from your company, it is possible to calculate the earning capacity (the effect on the profit) when replacing one or more suppliers by Triscan. The SOLO calculation tool has been used for nearly two years and the benefits for Triscan´s customers have been - in all modesty - rather impressive.